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Check out the link to our New Products Page. We have been working hard on our new products and after a little manipulation to come up with a good mold, we managed to produce our new shaving soap.

We are also offering some new mini versions of our lotions and liquid soaps.

Another brand new product is our mini mist sprays. I have always enjoyed this kind of product, because when I am out shopping or driving around, I can just give myself a quick spritz and feel refreshed. I think I have come up with a nice selection of scents. Check them out.

Actually, the hardest part of the whole process has been creating a new page on the website. I should say it was the hardest part for my husband. All I had to do was keep bringing coffee and pull him away when it looked like the laptop was about to go airborne.

We are going to use this new page to try out new ideas and products, so keep an eye on it. If they turn out to be popular we will move them into a page of their own. But, I won't tell my husband that for a few weeks.

Terri L. Ing

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